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Eric Gill M.N.A.T.

There is nothing more assuring than a calm, confident, organised and trained Toastmaster.

The National Association of Toastmasters

Eric has been a Toastmaster since 1994 and is recognised everywhere. He joined the National Association of Toastmasters and has been trained to the highest level. The NAT was formed in 1954 to uphold and develop the standards of the profession. It is the most prestigious nationally based toastmaster organisation in the UK, having over 50 members, both men and women, working across the length and breadth of the country. Membership is only granted following rigorous examination, in all aspects of protocol and event management.

Eric has officiated at hundreds of weddings and knows what makes a happy and successful day.


The National Association of Toastmasters (official website)


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Eric Gill is quite simply, one of the best Wedding Toastmasters’ in the business. As if by Magic, he conjures up a wonderful day!

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