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Eric Gill - The Wedding Toastmaster   

Wedding Toastmaster Eric Gill

It’s never too early or too late to book the services of a Toastmaster for your Wedding reception.

Eric Gill’s friendly, good natured; approach makes all the difference to your big day. He makes sure the Bride, Bridegroom, their parents and particularly the Best Man are relieved of any worries about ‘who does what’ and ‘what happens next’. They can relax and enjoy themselves, completely free of stress, knowing that everything is in the hands of the professional.

Eric performs his duties in a friendly relaxed manner, amongst other things he does, he:-

Wedding Toastmaster Duties

  • Greets the Bride & Bridegroom
  • Greets the Guests on Arrival
  • Helps co-ordinate the photo-call
  • Directs or Announces Guests to the Receiving Line
  • Announces Bride & Bridegroom’s entrance
  • Announces cutting of cake
  • Announces Speeches
    • Father of Bride
    • The Bridegroom
    • The Best Man
  • Announces Bride & Bridegroom’s departure from Banquet

Eric Gill is an invaluable asset to the venue banqueting staff, leaving them free to concentrate on their primary function: the service of food and wine. He will also liaise with the other professionals, such as the photographer, Videographer and musicians, to ensure that they are fully aware of the requirements of the day.

A wedding is your special day and Eric will do everything possible to make sure it is a day to remember.


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Eric Gill is quite simply, one of the best Wedding Toastmasters’ in the business. As if by Magic, he conjures up a wonderful day!

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